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All prices are determined on a client by client basis.

Full Groom

Your Dog will receive a full bath, dry, haircut, and nail trim. Prices and appointment times vary based on breed, size, and temperament.


Full Bath

Your dog will receive a full wash, rinse, condition, brush out, and warm air dry. Prices and appointment times vary based on breed, size, and temperament.


Nail Trim

Nails getting to be a little much? Allow me to provide a puppy pedicure!


Double Bath

A Double Bath can be added to your dogs Full Bath or Full Groom. This service is sometimes necessary for dogs with heavy coats or ones that have just a little too much fun in the dirt. Prices vary based on breed, size, and temperament.



When your pup is knotty; allow me to straighten them out. I can make sure they are ready for their groom and haircut.


Conditioning Treatment

Want to add some extra fluff to your floofer? An extra conditioning treatment will do exactly that, this treatment is excellent for dogs with sensitive and/or dry skin. This treatment can be added to your Full Groom or Full Bath upon request.


Blueberry Facial

This addition to your Full Bath or Full Groom will have your Dog smelling even better than they look when they're done with this relaxing dog facial scrub.


Teeth Brushing

Give your pup a smile as big and bright as the one you'll have when you pick them up!

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